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Chef and Author Peter Minakis to Cook and Teach in New Jersey

Chef Peter Minais will host a Greek/Mediterranean dinner in northern New Jersey in May and will, for the first time in New Jersey, teach...
Greeks dye Eggs red for Orthodox Eastervideo

Why Do Greeks Dye Easter Eggs Red and How to Do It [Video]

For Greek Orthodox Christians one of the oldest Easter traditions are red-dyed eggs. Here's why we do it and how you can do it too,...

Greek Dinner Around the World Organized by American Photographer

People from around the world gathered in order to share a Greek dinner. Nidhi Raghav from New Delhi, India, made a spinach pie. Cornelia Gracchi from...

Happy Thanksgiving: Stuffing the Turkey Greek Style

Peter Minaki of Kalofagas.ca shares a Greek recipe that comes in handy for Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the way to make Greek style Turkey.