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2013 Mediterranean Diet Study Re-analyzed, Finds Same Results

A 2013 study on the Mediterranean diet which found it protects against heart disease but was later withdrawn has been re-analyzed only to produce...

Greek Goods Achieve Celebrity Status in NYC Fancy Food Show

More than 30 food businesses from Greece and Cyprus participated in New York City's largest summer food show that included more than 2,730 exhibitors from all around the world.
Yanni Andrianos founder of Olive Watervideo

Olive Water: Greek Americans Launch New Beverage (Video)

Have you heard of Olive Water? Probably not, because such a beverage it doesn't exist, well, yet! Greek-American Yani Andrianos and his brother Thanassi just...

Greece Among Top Ten Suppliers of Olive Oil to U.S.A

Greece is among the top ten countries-suppliers in all olive oil categories to the USA except from HTS 15100020 olive oil that is not...