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Greek American Facebook Cyber Security Chief Resigns to Teach at Stanford

Greek-American Alex Stamos -- Chief Security Officer at Facebook -- leaves the company on August 17th to teach at Stanford University in California, the Athens...

The Greek American Who Wants to Build the New Facebook

Greek-American Silicon Valley investor Jason Calacanis has a very ambitious plan; to create the new Facebook, or a “social network that is actually good for society”.
Abbot Tryphon

Facebook Threatens to Delete Accounts of Orthodox Clergy

According to an Orthodox Christian monk, Facebook is threatening to delete the accounts of Orthodox clergy who refuse to change their profile names to their...

Artemis Pando Wins Facebook Photo Contest

  "Thank you so much to everyone who helped me win. It is greatly appreciated by my family and me. Thank you for not giving...

Meet Facebook’s Greek Engineer Toli Lerios

Writer of code, fixer of all things electronic, dispenser of inappropriate humor, enemy of grooming and formal clothing, and friend to all furry creatures,...

Greek-American with a $47 million Stake on Facebook talks IPO

Thomas Belesis, the Greek-American CEO of John Thomas Financial, talks about Facebook IPO and the future of the company's public performance. John Thomas Financial had...

A Greek Schoolmate Uncovers Zuckerberg’s Face(book) and its Roots

Alex Demas, a Greek schoolmate of the Facebook founder from high-school talks about Mark Zuckerberg and facebooks's origins.