Christopher Columbus Greek

Columbus Day: The Theory Supporting that Christopher Columbus Was Greek

The exact origin of Christopher Columbus has been a source of speculation since the 19th century. Recent publications claim that the great admiral might have been Greek.

Dr. Aris Patrinos: “I Hope We Won’t Create Artificial Human Life”

The Greek Scientist behind the creation of the first synthetic bacterial cell talks exclusively to Greek Reporter about the benefits of this new discovery.

2 Young Greeks Talk about Their Cutting Edge Application Bought by Google!

Two very talented young people made Greece proud with their recent success in technology. Kostas Eleftheriou, 26 and Panos Petropoulos, 38 are the...
Bob The Greek Bolen talks Surfboards

Surf Legend Bob “The Greek” Bolen Still Rides the Waves

Now that the 2012 Olympics in London have come and gone, with some debate as to whether surfing should become part of future Games,...

21st Leadership 100 Conference Elects New Chairman; Sets Higher Goals

08D5nWgIn9s The 21st Annual Leadership 100 Conference concluded successfully last Sunday, surpassing the expectations of all its accomplished members, board of directors and attendees. During the conference...

George Argyros talks about Business, Greece and his Heritage

George Argyros, former United States Ambassador to Spain and one of America’s foremost real estate investors talks about his Greek heritage, his business journey and the key to success.

Has President Obama Met the Expectations of Greek Americans?

One year before the Presidential election Nick Larigakis reviews the Hellenic issues since Barack Obama came to office.

Arnaoutis: Boxing His Way to The Top

Mike Arnaoutis was born to be a fighter, training hard and stopping at nothing to make his dreams come true.

Greece’s Tough 2011: What Role Should the Greek-American Community Play in 2012

2011 was a very difficult year for Greece. In our conversations with unsuspecting full-blooded Americans, we, as Greek-Americans, went from our normal boasting about...

The Archimedean Academy Model for Teaching Greek: A Worldwide Dream

As the former President of the American-Hellenic Institute, Miami lawyer Aleco Haralambides had a stake in promoting Hellenism, but says his biggest hope now...

Greek Film Fest Chicago Opens Today

The 1st annual Greek Film Fest Chicago! will take place September 29 - October 2, 2011 at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, the...

Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek Talks About His Greek Pride

Evan Lysacek talks exclusively about his Greek Pride and discusses his future after his Gold win in Vancouver.