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Eve Geroulis is a Senior Lecturer at Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business. She joined the faculty of Loyola University Chicago School of Business in the fall of 2003 where she imparts her professional executive experiences in the classroom, ranging from international advertising agencies to hi-tech start ups. She has also taught graduate courses at the Edhec School of Business in France, The American College of Greece in Athens and Loyola University’s Rome Campus. She continues to work with institutions in Europe and the United States addressing how companies can best leverage post-modern digital and global market realities across communication initiatives and has addressed the subject at a variety of forums including Google, The Conference Board and the European Union’s Marie Curie Conference on Research & Innovation in Brussels. She also delivered a Tedx Talk in Athens in October 2011. Eve holds her BA in political science and journalism from Loyola University Chicago and her MSA from Northwestern University.

Post American Schadenfreude: The End of the USA As We Know It?

Cultures have long understood man’s very real capacity for taking pleasure in another’s misfortune. The Greeks described epichairekakia (epi, over, chairo, rejoice, kakia, disgrace). The Romans spoke...

O Giorgakis Mas (Our Boy George)

Teaching an American presidential politics class this fall has been quite an exhilarating academic journey. Teaching it as a Greek American, another matter entirely....

Mourning in America

Chairman Mao often remarked that it’s always blackest before it’s completely black. That’s what it feels like now that we’ve Made America Great Again....