Michael Dukakis Says Joe Biden is a Great Friend of Greece

Kitty Dukakis and former Governor Michael Dukakis after a recent ceremony in which he was honored by the Greek consulate in Boston. Credit: Consulate General of Greece in Boston

Michael Dukakis said in an interview on Greek television on Thursday that President-elect Joe Biden is “a great friend of Greece and has always been.”

Speaking to interviewers from Skai TV, the 1988 Democratic US presidential nominee said that he foresees a strengthening of the US role in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, saying “It is obvious this will happen.”

“I hope this leads to a renewed interest in our relationship with Greece,” Dukakis added. “Biden has always been close to Greece and has been involved in much of the work we have done with Greece.”

Dukakis closed his interview sending greetings to the people of Greece and sharing his hopes that he will be back in Greece soon.