Pentagon Promises “Serious Consequences” After Turkey Tests S-400 Missile System

S-400 missiles. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

After Turkey tested the Russian S-400 air-defense missile system, chief Pentagon spokesman Johnathan Rath Hoffman stressed that the act was a violation of the country’s “commitments as a US and NATO ally” on Friday.

The S-400 system, considered one of the most advanced air-defense missile systems of its kind, was developed by Russia in the 1990s.

In 2017, Turkey signed a billion-dollar deal with Russia to acquire its S-400 missiles, despite objections and threats of sanctions by the US. The country received its first round of the weapons in 2019.

The US has already suspended Turkey from its F-35 program for acquiring the S-400 missiles, and Turkey’s recent missile testing seriously jeopardizes the security relationship between the two countries, according to Hoffman.