Former Greek American Deputy State Secretary Negroponte Endorses Joe Biden

credit: wikipedia

Greek American diplomat John Negroponte, who has served as Deputy Secretary of State (Feb 2007-Jan 2009), is endorsing Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden for the upcoming election.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Beast, Negroponte said that Biden beats Trump on “character, compassion and life experience,” and shows regard to the office.

“The real issue for Americans is whether Biden has the character, compassion and life experience needed to represent the United States as president and the requisite respect for the office to which he aspires,” he said. “He beats Mr. Trump on these attributes hands down.”

Even though a Republican, who has also served as United Nations ambassador during the George W. Bush administration, Negroponte endorses the Democratic nominee.

“All roads lead to Trump in a way,” the diplomat said. “I’m just not sure the country can withstand another four years of the presidency with a man who has shown such disregard to the office.”

Watch John Negroponte speaking about his Greek heritage: