Trump Calls Erdogan “Master Chess Player,” Says Biden Can’t Handle Him

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Trump in Washington, D.C. File photo

US President Trump was interviewed on the television news program “Fox & Friends” on Monday, during which he called Turkish President Erdogan a “master chess player” who his opponent Joe Biden would not be able to handle.

In very pointed words, on the day when the Democrats are opening their convention in Milwaukee, Trump lashed out at 77-year-old former Vice President Biden, who he criticized for being out of touch and afraid to face the public.

Charging that Biden was “shot,” Trump joked that the Delaware senator was afraid of leaving his basement during the Presidential campaign season. “Let’s face it, Joe’s shot,” Trump said.

The American president has often derogatorily called Biden “Basement Joe” for his lack of campaign visits this year.

“You’re dealing with people that are very sharp. You’re dealing with world-class chess players in the leaders of these countries. I know them all. We do very well with all of them… (President Recep Tayyip) Erdogan of Turkey. You can’t have a guy that doesn’t know where he is. You can’t have a guy that’s afraid to leave his basement because he can’t speak any longer,” the President said.

“And by the way, at his best he wasn’t that good,” Trump added.

He added that world leaders sought his help with Erdogan, recently, saying “The heads of countries, last week they called me up, asking ‘Could you call Erdogan?'”

When President Trump asked the why it should be him to contact the Turkish leader, they responded, “‘You’re the only one he’ll listen to. He doesn’t listen to us. You’re the only one.'”

“I said, ‘Is that because of the United States?’ He says ‘no, that’s because of you. That’s because of your personality. You’re the only one that he’ll listen to,'” Trump told the Fox & Friends interviewers. “I don’t like saying this publicly, but it happens to be true. I get along with him and he listens.”

Over the weekend, former Vice President Biden caused an uproar in Turkey after he dubbed Erdogan an “emperor” for his imperious actions in the Mediterranean, and called for his ouster in a video.

Trump to Wisconsin

Trump went on to say that, in contrast to Biden, who will stay at home during the convention, he would be going to Wisconsin and will be giving a speech while there. “It’s a great place,” he added.

He spoke at great length about the difference in the campaigns between Democrats and Republicans and the amount of support he said he is seeing throughout the country. Mentioning a large boat parade which took place over the weekend in Florida, Trump said “I think I see more spirit” and more support all the time.

Speaking about Biden’s condition, Trump then cautioned voters not to vote for him because they felt “sorry for him, mostly because they may end up with Senator Kamala Harris as President, who Trump called a “disaster” and said she wanted to take away Americans’ guns and ban fossil fuels.

Senator Harris is one of the sponsors of the Green New Deal, which would limit fossil fuel use in the United States.

President Trump’s full interview with interviewers from Fox & Friends can be viewed below.