Mike Pompeo Expresses “Disappointment” in Turkish Decision on Hagia Sophia

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. Photo: www.Twitter.com/@renttvchannel

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently expressed his disapproval over Turkey’s decision to convert Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque last week, along with fellow political and world leaders who expressed similar sentiments.

Secretary Pompeo went on to say that “As for Hagia Sophia, we are disappointed with the decision of the Turkish government. I have nothing further to add,” in response to a question as to whether or not Washington will impose sanctions on Turkey.

The US. diplomat had previously released a statement urging Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to not convert the UNESCO World Heritage Site into a mosque.

Pomepo had issued the statement, days before Turkey’s Council of State convened to make a formal decision, encouraging them “…to continue to maintain the Hagia Sophia as a museum, as an exemplar of its commitment to respect the faith traditions and diverse history that contributed to the Republic of Turkey, and to ensure it remains accessible to all.”

In response to Secretary of State Pompeo’s comments, Turkish officials in Ankara flatly restated their government’s position that “Hagia Sophia is the property of Turkey.”