Greek Americans Hold Vigil, Demand Justice for George Zapantis

Friends and relatives of Zapantis hold a vigil demanding justice on Saturday. Credit: Thanasis Tsitsas

Dozens of Greek Americans gathered outside the home George Zapantis in Whitestone, New York on Saturday to hold a vigil and demand justice for the 29-year-old man who died last week of cardiac arrest induced by excessive force used by NYPD officers.

A prayer was read by Father Apostolos Panagopoulos, who came from New Jersey to support the Zapantis family. He stressed that the vigil has no political connotations.

The distraught mother was comforted by friends and relatives, who, later on as darkness was falling, lighted candles in memory of Zapantis.

Father Panagopoulos thanked all those who came to honor the memory of George Zapantis and revealed that Archbishop Elpidophoros of America has directed the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America to cover the funeral expenses for Zapantis.

It also emerged that, in addition to covering the expenses, Elpidophoros will also, personally, preside over funeral proceeds which will take place on Monday morning at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Whitestone, New York.

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