Archbishop Elpidophoros Urges Orthodox Flock to Become Blood Donors

Archbishop Elpidophoros of America. File Photo.

Archbishop of America Elpidophoros published a video on Sunday calling on the Orthodox Christian flock of America to become blood donors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to all the faithful of the United States and beyond, Elpidophoros stated ”One of our great difficulties is the deprivation of our Holy Communion, our abstinence from the Divine Eucharist.

“Now is the time to take the Communion differently. Let us become ourselves the body of Christ, let us become ourselves the Eucharist. Let us become a Holy Communion ourselves to save the world with our own blood. Let us now give our blood for our fellow man. To give our blood for the life of the world. In other words, to become blood donors.”

The moving and inspiring message issued by the popular Archbishop is the most recent communication shared by the Greek Orthodox Church of America as it reaches out to comfort its flock during these difficult and unprecedented times.