Joe Biden Wins Nine States on Super Tuesday in Remarkable Comeback

    Former Vice President Joe Biden won in nine states on Super Tuesday, reinvigorating his campaign to become the Democratic candidate to face President Trump in the November elections.

    US media are saying that he has hugely overperformed expectations on the most critical night of the 2020 race so far, and the duel for the nomination is becoming a head-to-head with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

    Despite Biden’s resurgence, Sanders demonstrated that he will remain a formidable contender by winning the night’s biggest prize, California — although much will ride on the final vote totals in the state, the Financial Times says.

    Biden nabbed highly significant victories in Virginia and North Carolina early on in the night, which suggested he is building a robust coalition.

    He then went on to add wins across the South — where his strength among African American voters is a big advantage — in Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee, according to CNN projections.

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    But he also took chunks out of territory which had been expected to lean to Sanders. He won Minnesota, CNN projects, suggesting that home state Senator Amy Klobuchar, who quit the race Monday and endorsed him, may have played a pivotal role.

    He also upset Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, a massive blow to Warren in her home state.

    Sanders and Biden are neck-and-neck in Texas with 60 percent of the vote counted.

    Even if Sanders hangs on to a state his campaign expected to win, owing to his strong ties to Hispanic voters, the tight nature of the race means he will not earn the wide advantage in the delegate count for which he had hoped, says CNN.