Four-Year Old Greek-American Accepted into Mensa

    Four-year-old Zachary Argyroudis was accepted into Mensa, the world’s largest high IQ organization, on February 11, 2020, after receiving a grade of 99.9% on his performance IQ test.

    This amazing story is made even more incredible by the fact that Zachary was born two months prematurely, weighing just 3 1/2 pounds, and doctors at the time advised his family that he may have problems with his future mental development as a result.

    Greek Reporter recently spoke with Zachary’s father Nicholas to find out more about this exceptional young man.

    “We first noticed Zachary’s intelligence when he was about one. We would be shopping for groceries and he could read everything on the shelves, as well as write letters and numbers,” his father relates.

    “Aged two, he could write words in cursive; aged three, full sentences in cursive; and now he has mastered the Greek alphabet at the age of four. We are incredibly proud and hope that Mensa can introduce him to other gifted children so he continues to learn,” Argyroudis states proudly.

    “Although Mensa doesn’t generally reveal the ages of its members when asked. From our research, Zachary is one of the youngest members of Mensa in the USA, and he may be the youngest member in the State of Georgia,” Argyroudis explains.

    To recognize this remarkable achievement, Zachary received a letter of congratulations from one of the State Representatives for Georgia.

    The tiny Mensa member was baptized at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation in Atlanta, Georgia, where he also attends Greek Language school, and where his parents attend regular services. His parents were also married in the Greek church and Argyroudis’ wife Lynese was baptized at the St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

    “Our Greek heritage comes from my grandfather, Zachary’s great grandfather. He lived in Athens but I believe our family name comes from the island of Chios. I have visited Greece a few times and have fond memories of Kalavryta. I have also visited the many famous landmarks across Greece and hope to one day take Zachary,” Argyroudis tells Greek Reporter.

    Zachary is homeschooled, since Nicholas is a former teacher, but he attends pre-kindergarten five times a week to ensure that he can socialize with children his age. The young achiever also takes swimming classes and piano lessons.

    The young Mensa member’s parents both work as insurance brokers.