Barack Obama Calls on Antetokounmpo to Go Public About His Charity Work

    Former US President Barack Obama and his Obama Foundation held a discussion in Chicago on Saturday in which three of America’s biggest basketball stars took part, among whom was Giannis Antetokounmpo.

    Obama emphasized the good work Antetokounmpo, along with Chris Paul and Kevin Love, do routinely to help those in need, and the former American President urged the Greek Freak to become more public about his work.

    “I want you to be more public, Giannis, because I think you have something to give in terms of giving back,” the 44th President of the United States told the Greek NBA star.

    “You’ve got old Chris Paul down at the end, the young guy (Giannis Antetokounmpo) here and Kevin in the middle. But each of them has shown character on the court but also off the court. And the work I’m doing after the Presidency is entirely focused on how do we lift up and identify and amplify and support the amazing next generation of leaders that are coming up,” Obama told the audience.

    Antetokounmpo recalled the difficult years when he and his family were living in Athens after they had migrated from Nigeria to Greece.

    “If I did it, you can do it,” the Greek Freak told the crowd, as he also recalled for the audience the moment he had seen a young man mopping the court at a game just a few weeks earlier.