Unique Greek Olive Oil News Site Ceases Operations

One of the very few English-language websites focused on Greek olive oil news has recently been forced to cease providing up-to-date information about new developments in Greece’s olive oil industry due to insufficient funding.

The website Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil reached consumers in a number of countries, especially the USA.

”Approximately one hundred and fifty articles from the unofficially-nonprofit website had been republished in the past by news outlets in the USA, Australia, Canada, Greece, Spain, and other countries,” claims Lisa Radinovsky, the founder of the site.

The website had a broad audience for news and information about the high quality and health benefits of Greece’s extra virgin olive oil, along with stories, recipes, photos, and agrotourism and food tourism suggestions from the country.

North American Olive Oil Association executive director Joseph R. Profaci had stated in the past that “Greek Liquid Gold is one of my few go-to sources for accurate news and information about olive oil.”

Greece produces the third-largest quantity of olive oil in the entire world, with a larger percentage of extra virgin oil than anywhere else.

Work on this non-profit website, which did not itself sell olive oil, was funded mainly by Greek olive oil companies’ advertisements on the site, supplemented by contributions from a few import companies outside Greece.

”While the website’s work was appreciated, the great challenges and low-profit margin in the Greek olive oil business meant sponsors’ contributions tended to be limited,” Radinovsky said.

After a one-and-a-half month long effort to increase financial support returned insufficient funding, Radinovsky decided that this one-person project was unsustainable and she was unable to continue offering her extensive volunteer work for the industry.

”Fundraising efforts stole too much writing time, and a lack of funds for visits to olive oil producers and events in various parts of Greece limited the scope of coverage,” she claimed.

Radinovsky says that she deeply regrets that her years of work on behalf of the Greek olive oil industry have ended, especially since she believes that no one else is currently attempting to cover news from the entire Greek olive oil sector in English on a regular basis.