President Trump Refrains From Supporting Greece on Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal

President Trump refrained from condemning Turkish provocations in the eastern Mediterranean during his on-camera comments with Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the White House on Tuesday.

The US President remained silent and moved to a different subject when Mitsotakis asked for his support in condemning the Turkey-Libya agreement on maritime boundaries which Athens sees as illegal and destabilizing.

The Greek premier intervened during a question to President Trump on Libya, noting that “it is important to point out that the agreement signed between Turkey and Libya infringes upon Greece’s sovereign rights and essentially cause great concern and instability in a region which is already highly problematic.”

Mitsotakis continued, saying: “So we’ll be very much looking to your support to make sure that these types of provocative agreements are not being put into place. And I think we should refrain, in general, in the eastern Mediterranean, from any sort of activity that inflames passions and that doesn’t, you know, promote regional peace and security. So we’ll be very much looking forward to your support on this issue because it is a very important issue for my country.”

President Trump remained silent after those statements and moved on to a different question asked by a journalist.