Boston’s Greek Americans Struggle to Archive the Famous Hellenic Chronicles

The historic archives of Boston’s ”the Hellenic Chronicles” newspaper are facing imminent danger if they are not soon digitized, and for this reason, the Greek community of the city is trying to raise funds to assist in the digitization process.

Nancy Agris Savage, who is the daughter of the founder of the paper Peter Agris along with members of the Alpha Omega Council is trying to raise $50,000 to digitize the remaining newspapers of the Chronicles, which circulated from 1950 until 2000.

The newspaper covered the most important milestones of the Greek American Community in the region during the second half of the 20th century and had been a ”must-have” for most Greek Americans in Boston.

Prominent Americans, members of the Greek community have used warm words to describe the paper.

Former Bill Clinton White House spokesperson and TV presenter George Stephanopoulos has explained in the past how the ”Hellenic Chronicles” was the essential reading in his house.

The $50,000 target is believed to be half of what a professional digitizing experts’ company would require to do the process for the more than 54,000 pages that need to be restored.

However, the people involved are willing to offer their services to reduce the cost of the process.

All those who lead the effort and try to save New England’s historic newspaper also kindly ask anyone who might have kept issues of the paper to contact Agris Savage at [email protected], because approximately one out of four issues of the paper are currently missing.