US Senators Ask President Trump to Sanction Turkey Over Russian Missile System

American Senators from both sides of the aisle continued their pressure on President Trump  to approve an array of sanctions against Turkey over its recent purchase of a Russian-made missile defense system, it was made public on Monday.

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham sent a joint letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, noting that a new failure to impose sanctions on Turkey would send a ”terrible signal to other countries that they can flout US laws without consequence.”

”The time for patience has long expired. It is time you applied the law,” the two Senators sails, using particularly frank language in their request.

Concurrent with this request, Senator Jim Risch, who serves as the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, also informed the press on Monday that the Committee will vote next week on a separate bill containing new sanctions against Ankara.

In July, Ankara received its first S-400 missile system units from Russia, leading the American administration to remove Turkey from the co-production of the US’ new F-35 fighter jets.

Since then, scores of American lawmakers have clearly demonstrated their fury at Ankara’s blatant disregard of NATO’s warning that a Russian-made missile system not only will not work with NATO defense systems but also poses a threat to the Alliance itself.