Presidents Trump and Xi May Sign US-China Trade Deal in Greece

The trade deal between the United States and China which is at an advanced stage of completion could be signed as early as this month in Greece, Reuters reports on Wednesday.

The news agency quotes an unnamed Chinese official who said that Beijing was floating the possibility of a meeting in Greece, where Xi is due to arrive on Sunday.

President Xi is open to traveling to the United States, the Chinese official said, adding that China views Greece or the United States as the only possible locations, from a security point of view.

The report however adds that sources briefed on the trade talks in the United States said a signing in Greece was unlikely. Greek government officials said that so far, there had been no indication of a request for such a ceremony during Xi’s visit.

Instead, the two sides could choose a relative halfway point such as Hawaii or Alaska, multiple U.S. sources said, according to Reuters.

The lack of consensus on a signing location reflects how politically charged any venue may be, the news agency says. After 16 months of public posturing and tit-for-tat tariffs, neither leader wants to appear weak at home or to foreign rivals, trade experts said.