Greek-American Executive Mariella Stockmal Talks Global Business and Risk

Greek-American business executive Mariella Stockmal, owner of the firm Global Business and Risk, based in California, recently spoke to the press about being a risk manager in this digital age.

When asked how the creation of Global Business and Risk came about, she replied “The decision came once I witnessed many people and companies falling for the same mistakes and then wondering why they do not see the success they need.

“I added the ‘Risk’ portion to show how easily one can fall for scams and fraudulent activity, and of course how to prevent this from happening,” she adds.

Regarding her job description as the owner of the concern, Stockmal replies, “I wear every possible hat, from daily operations to marketing, billing, bookkeeping, and of course article writing and helping small businesses and the average consumer.”

Regarding her background in risk management, the business expert says, “Believe it or not, I was involved in risk management even while being in the PR Team for the European Summit that took place in Corfu, Greece, in 1994. This evolved when I moved to the States and worked for two Tech Companies.

“I love solving puzzles in general, and risk management is something like that, putting all the pieces together to find a solution in order to help alleviate problems for consumers and businesses,” she relates.

On being a risk manager in this, sometimes very difficult digital age, Stockmal says, “This is a great question. We all have to understand that fraudsters and scammers are always a few steps ahead of us.

“As technology evolves, we need to be vigilant, always learn and keep up with changes. Even huge corporations are being hacked on a daily basis. Businesses and consumers alike have to understand the basics and protect themselves and their brands,” she explains.

Stockmal continues, “Fraud and chargebacks are one facet that plagues corporations. Hackers are another facet, social media phishing scams and false marketing to attract more sales are important as well. All these instances create risks that have to be taken care of.”

“I am constantly reading, learning and keeping up. Even my friends and family keep calling and asking me about phone calls or emails they receive. I have learned not to trust anything until I do my research,” she adds candidly.

Stockmal was born and raised in Greece. She finished high school and then her university studies there, and began working in 1978. “I haven’t stopped since,” the business maven states. “I love being Greek, and keep all the rituals here in California daily,” she adds.

Asked for her concluding thoughts on the Greek-American community, Stockmal says “As they say, every stone you turn, you find a Greek. Our community is strong and even in a small place like Santa Barbara, we are quite a big bunch and we all see each other and participate at the annual Greek Festival.

“I love the strong bonds we have with each other, no matter which state we live in,” she adds with deep feeling.

For people who wish to go into risk management, the business expert encourages them to “learn.” She emphasizes, “Always study, research and be on top of stuff to better serve your clients or companies you work for.”

She says her firm Global Business and Risk “is here for small and established businesses and can help you streamline your operations and avoid unnecessary risks. We offer help with online presence and risks, comprehensive messaging throughout social media and your own website.”

She adds, “Moreover, we have translations to and from three languages to spread your professional message, as well as customer billing and payment collection, risk protection from fraud, claims, chargebacks and ID theft, and online safety for consumers.”

To learn more about the firm Global Business and Risk, please check out their official website.