Earth Friendly Products Wins EPA’s "Safer Choice Partner" Award for 2019

President and CEO of Earth Friendly Products Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks receiving the EPA award. Photo by Mike Manatos

Earth Friendly Products, and its President and CEO Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks were honored on Wednesday as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s “SaferChoice 2019 Partner of the Year.”

This is the third time that the manufacturer of more than 150 “green” cleaning products has earned this distinction by advancing product safety and continually innovating its formulations to make its cleaning products even safer.

The “Safer Choice” logo is designed to let consumers know quickly and easily which products are made with safer ingredients. Safer Choice certification requires ingredient disclosure so that consumers can make informed choices at the point of purchase.

In addition, the Safer Choice logo lets consumers know that the product has met the very highest standards for performance.

“Since we began making cleaning products more than 50 years ago, we’ve been committed to protecting people, pets, and the planet,” says Vlahakis-Hanks. “As a family-owned and –operated company, we understand how important safer ingredients are for keeping families healthy.”

According to the EPA, products must pass stringent criteria in order to earn the Safer Choice label. The program reviews more than just product ingredients. Experts also look at the performance, its pH reading, its packaging and other aspects of the product to ensure that all the products with the label are safer to use.

It was also announced that Vlahakis-Hanks will be also be honored with the prestigious “EMA Corporate Responsibility Award” for 2019 at the Environmental Media Association Honors Benefit Gala on Saturday.

Family-owned and operated since 1967, Earth Friendly Products is the maker of over 200 environmentally friendly products that are safer for people, pets and the planet.

Made with plant-powered ingredients, ECOS™ cleaners are thoughtfully sourced and free of dyes. They are also pH balanced, readily biodegradable, easily recyclable and are never tested on animals.

Earth Friendly Products is a primary manufacturer which makes its own products in sustainable manufacturing facilities located across the U.S.

All Earth Friendly Products facilities are carbon neutral, water neutral and Zero Waste Platinum certified, saving over 53 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually and diverting over 95 percent of all waste from landfills.

The company has received many awards over the years for its innovations in safer green chemistry.