Athens Mayor Bakoyannis Talks Education, Technology and Economy at Concordia Summit

Costas Bakoyannis, the newly-elected mayor of Athens, spoke about the resilience of economies in the areas of technology, education, and access during Tuesday’s session of the Concordia Summit in New York.

Bakoyannis served on the panel along with four other notables, among whom was Stavros Yiannouka, the CEO of the ”World Innovation Summit for Education” and Sylvia Constain Rengifo, the Minister of Information and Communications Technologies in Colombia.

Mayor Bakoyannis spoke about the importance of modern technology and so-called “bottom-to-top,” or grass-roots, policies to solve problems in today’s societies.

”Technology is not an end, it’s a means to an end,” Bakoyannis stated at the beginning of his remarks.

Speaking about the role of local authorities in promoting solutions to broader problems, the mayor of Athens said that local councils and authorities can provide a ”bottom-to-top” logic in solving problems which are national — or even international.

”Our goal is to create a smart city in Athens, in an admittedly dumb state,” Bakoyannis declared.

The mayor then analyzed his vision of how technologies can promote transparency, strengthen accountability and even bring the local council closer to ordinary Athenians.

Bakoyannis was elected mayor of Athens on June 2, 2019, after five years of serving as the Governor of Central Greece.