Calamos CEO John Koudounis Discusses Investment Opportunities at Concordia Summit

[L-R] Marc Lasry, the chairman of Avenue Capital, and John Koudounis, the CEO of Calamos Investments at the 2019 Concordia Summit, credit:

Calamos Investments CEO John Koudounis and Marc Lasry, the chairman of Avenue Capital, discussed investment opportunities in a volatile political and business world during the high-level Concordia Summit, taking place in New York.

Addressing a crowd of policy-makers, entrepreneurs and other stake-holders, the two executives offered an upbeat assessment for investors. They agreed that the slowdown in the US, China, Japan and Western Europe actually offers new opportunities.

“Wherever there is lack of liquidity and need for cash, then investors have a huge opportunity to make money,” Lasry explained.

“The more uncertainties there are in the global market, the more opportunities for people like me,” he added.

Koudounis said that despite market volatility, his company’s products, which are mainly mutual funds, are doing well.

Watch the full discussion below:

The Greek American investments expert, whose principal duties at Calamos include overseeing the firm’s day-to-day operations, fiscal function and overall performance, said that the challenge facing all investment companies is how to take advantage of the volatile situation to make good returns for their clients.

The Concordia Summit was founded in 2011 by Matthew A. Shift and Nicholas M. Logothetis, a member of the Greek diaspora. The annual event brings together leaders and change-makers to address the world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic issues.

The 2019 Summit focuses on the role of technology in addressing major global development problems, as well as topics such as innovative financing for sustainable development, mechanisms to re-frame the global dialogue on mental health, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship, and many others.