John Calamos on Strategies for Market Volatility and Rising Uncertainty

John P. Calamos, Sr., the Founder, Chairman, and Global Chief Investment Officer of Calamos Investments, recently issued a white paper titled ”Strategies for Market Volatility and Rising Uncertainty.”

The white paper, provides a timely update on Calamos’ views on asset allocation.

Based on his years of managing through many investment cycles, Calamos illustrates that with the right strategies at the core of an asset allocation, it becomes easier to stay invested through short-term market moves.

As the Greek American financial strategist notes, “fears of slowing global growth, escalating trade tensions, falling rates across the world, concerns that the Federal Reserve may be less responsive than required, and mounting political uncertainty all set the stage for continued market volatility.”

For this reason, Calamos’ views and advice, earned over long years spent studying global markets, can prove vital for anyone who desires to remain vigilant and stay abreast of current trends regarding his or her investments.

“Unlocking these opportunities requires a disciplined and long-term plan. Short-term ‘market timing’ is never wise, but especially ill-advised at this point of the economic cycle. Since I began investing in 1970s, I’ve seen many investors get whipsawed due to market timing—catching the downside but missing the upside. I suspect many investors who gave into panic during either the May 2019 selloff or the downturn of the fourth quarter of 2019 regretted that decision after they watched the rallies that followed from the sidelines.”

The Greek American also notes that market volatility, political unknowns, and the potential for monetary policy missteps should not be dismissed.

“These are very real challenges, and investors should not overlook them. Instead, investors should carefully review their asset allocation with their financial advisor to ensure that they are not overly exposed to unintended risks.”

Calamos Wealth Management represents the legacy of John P. Calamos, Sr., a pioneer investor who is credited with a risk-aware approach to investing. Today, the investment company welcomes generations of families, as well as foundations and endowments, into its fold.

The firm also offers a full suite of investment advice, including asset allocation and risk management services, driven by a holistic approach which seeks to optimize results by prudently balancing targeted returns with mitigated risks.