Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum Launches Free, Online Collections Portal (video)

The National Hellenic Museum (NHM) announced on Wednesday the launch of the NHM Collections & Archives Portal, which allows anyone to access the Museum’s catalogs online from anywhere by viewing digitized artifacts and archival materials.

Visitors may access the free, digital NHM Collections & Archives to view items such as hand-woven textiles from the 1800s, articles of clothing from 1900, historical photographs depicting early Greek American immigrant life and much more.

“The NHM Collections & Archives Portal showcases the ongoing work the Museum does to protect, catalog and preserve the historical archives representing the Greek American experience. We are very excited to highlight the important work the National Hellenic Museum does gathering history for all Greek Americans and of course for Philhellenes and scholars,” said Dr. Laura Calamos.

“With the launch of the digital archives, everyone will now be able to learn about our storied history and culture from anywhere in the world!” she added.

On the Portal, the NHM Collections & Archives are organized in five sections:

Artifacts, which contains a wide variety of three-dimensional items, including religious objects, furniture, textiles, paintings, and ephemera;

1926 silk dress. National Hellenic Museum

Library, which is comprised of books in both Greek and English;

Oral Histories, which contains hundreds of recorded interviews with Greek Americans (full-length interviews available onsite at the Museum only);

Images, a sizeable collection of historic photographs representing Greek American life throughout the 20th century;

circa 1945, National Hellenic Museum

and Archives, which contains a growing number of finding aids for the processed archival collections donated by Greek American businesses, organizations, churches, and families.

The NHM Collections & Archives Portal offers users the opportunity to search for pieces of history by year, language, collection, individuation, material and organization.

“This is just the beginning for the Portal. Every day we continue to add artifacts for online viewing, and we conduct research to add more detail about each item’s place in history,” said Collections Manager Margaret Fraser.

“With such a great resource so accessible, we encourage everyone to continue to check back often and interact with the NHM Collections online. Now everyone can help build the historical record which will add rich details for preserving the memories of the community,” she added.

You can view what is on offer here