AKTINA’s Concert With Thanasis Polykandriotis Enthralls Audience

Thanassis Polykandriotis (center) in New York, with concert performers and organizers. Credit: Anastasios Mentis Photography

Greeks and non-Greeks alike enjoyed an unforgettable musical performance on May 17 with Greek bouzouki legend Thanassis Polykandriotis at AKTINA’s concert ”GREEK MUSIC JOURNEY 2019.” The thrilling musical event was produced by Elena Maroulleti at historic theater ”The Kaye Playhouse” at Hunter College, New York City.

The benefit concert was given in support of public service media including AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV, broadcasting from New York City.

Accompanied by talented singers Aris Kampanos and Aphrodite Chatzimina and musicians Nikos Stratigos on keyboards, Nikos Kainourgios on acoustic guitar and Nikos Ntrarilas on drums, Polykadriotis presented a mesmerizing concert.

Songs which were shared with the audience covered not only his personal discography, but also laika (popular folk) songs, rebetika and instrumentals by other leading Greek composers including Chatzidakis, Theodorakis, St. Xarchakos, Kaldaras, Vamvakaris, Tsitsanis, Loizos, and others.

For his participation in Greek Music Journey 2019 and in acknowledgment of his immense contributions to Greek music, Polykandriotis was honored with ”AKTINA’s Distinguished Artist Award.” This honor is exclusively bestowed upon extremely accomplished artists who excel in Greek music.

Polykandriotis and the singers Aris Kampanos and Aphodite Chatzimina were also honored with citations issued by Council Member Costa Constantinides on behalf of the NYC Council and the City of New York in recognition of their participation in the concert and their contributions to Greek music.

The highlight of the awards ceremony was the impromptu gesture of Polykandriotis to invite one of the concert organizers, Elena Maroulleti, to dance with him to the Savvopoulos song ”Se kito kai kokkinizeis” (“I Look At You And You Blush”) which completely delighted the cheering audience.

Referring to this new performance, which was termed by all in attendance ”one of a kind” and ”one of the best concerts in recent years,” Maroulleti said ”we feel exceptionally proud and honored for the amazing positive feedback and praise we are receiving from everyone who attended.

“During each new concert we receive the same feedback, and this verifies to us that people thirst for quality concerts. As I said on stage, we will continue to present the best and most representative aspects of Greek music, and always with distinguished artists. The Greek Music Journey continues… Stay tuned!”

For up-to-date news on AKTINA’s events, you can visit their YouTube Channel here.