Eurovision Television Show Coming to America by 2021

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) recently signed an agreement to bring Europe’s largest entertainment show to the United States ”by 2021.”

EBU decided to take the huge step of signing an exclusive option with the “Brain Academy” international production company to develop the Eurovision Song Contest for the American market. The beloved song contest is Europe’s biggest event and the largest live music show in the world.

The EBU announcement notes that ”the goal is for the very first American Song Contest to be ready to air in 2021.”

The team behind the American Song Contest project which has already begun intensive preparations, includes some of Europe’s most experienced television producers.

The format will most likely be similar to that seen in Europe, with individual American states competing with their separate songs.

The European concept involves every nation choosing the singer or the group which will represent it, following different procedures, which may include national competitions or direct nominations by the country’s public broadcasting television network.

The singer and his or her team then take on the difficult task of representing the country in the song competition, which has two semi-final stages and the impressive ”Grand Final,” which has been considered must-see television in Europe for decades.

National juries and the audience have the opportunity to vote for their favorite song, and the singer or band with the most votes from both the audience and the jury wins the competition.

Every year, the night of the Grand Final is watched live by more than 200 million people across Europe, making it the biggest live television show on Earth.

Greece reported that an astonishing 86.5 percent of its population watched the show live in 2003. The Greek song came third in that year’s overall competition.

The contest is popular in other parts of the world as well, with Australia being the most prominent example, as the country now officially participates in the competition, despite being outside Europe.

Greece sent its first representation to the contest in 1974 and has won the competition once, in 2005, with the famous singer Helena Paparizou. Athens then hosted the 2006 version of the song contest, since it originates from the home base of the previous year’s winner.