A Sea of Blue and White at Chicago’s Hellenic Heritage Parade

Thousands of Greek Americans gathered on Sunday in downtown Chicago to attend this year’s Greek Hellenic Heritage Parade.

The annual event included floats and marchers representing churches and organizations from all across Chicago.

Speaking to NBC Chicago, Keith McCormick of the National Hellenic Museum said that the day offers a great opportunity for all to visit the Museum. “We have over twenty thousand different artifacts, newspapers and oral histories… We make history fun and engaging… The whole family can learn about the Greek-American experience.”

Keith McCormick of Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum and Maira Zantidis of Enosis speak to NBC

Maira Zantidis of “Enosis,” an umbrella organization for all the Greek fraternal organizations in Chicago, noted that the Parade was not just about Greek independence. She says, “It’s an opportunity to combine all our anniversaries into one day where every Greek can get together… We commemorate Independence day, the genocide, our history. But it’s also a day to promote the Greektown of Chicago and all its businesses.”

Chicagoland’s Greek-American community has made this event a fun time for all to enjoy colorful traditional costumes, a sense of community and genuine Hellenic spirit since the inaugural parade in 1964.