New York’s Proposed Fur Ban Threatens Historic Greek Business

A Greek-American entrepreneur has warned that his historic fur business in New York will shut down if a measure calling for banning the sale of all new fur products in the city becomes law.

“I’m out of business,” Nick Pologeorgis, of Pologeorgis Furs, a designer and a pioneer of high quality furs since the 1960s, told the Associated Press.

Designer Nick Pologeorgis. Source: Twitter

Lawmakers are pushing a measure which would impose a statewide ban on the sale of any items made with farmed fur and ban the manufacture of products made from trapped fur as well.

Members of the fur industry say such bans could put 1,100 people out of a job in New York City alone. Supporters dismiss that charge, and emphasize that the wearing of fur is barbaric and inhumane.

Pologeorgis’ father, Stanley, who emigrated from Greece, founded the fur design and sales business in the city’s “Fur District” nearly 60 years ago.

Stanley Pologeorgis of Pologeorgis Furs

“Stanley Pologeorgis’ story is the American dream, he built Pologeorgis Furs from nothing through hard work and dedication,” stated Nick Pologeorgis in a Tweet.

“Our company’s story is not unique — hard working, industrious immigrants continue to form the backbone of the fur market today,” he adds.

If the legislation is approved, New York would become the third major American city with such a ban, following San Francisco, where a fur ban takes effect this year, and Los Angeles, where a ban passed this year will take effect in 2021.