First Greek-American Ambassador to Greece Michael Sotirhos Dies at 91

Michael G. Sotirhos, the first-ever American of Greek descent to serve as the United States ambassador to Greece, died on Sunday in Florida at the age of 91.

He was the son of Greek migrants who entered the US through the famous Ellis Island in New York in 1923. Sotirhos was raised in Manhattan and he graduated with honors, from Baruch College at the City University.

Sotirhos served in two ambassadorial positions, beginning his tenure in 1985, when President Reagan appointed him as the US Ambassador to Jamaica. In 1989, President George Bush chose Sotirhos to be the US Ambassador to Greece, the first American of Greek descent to serve in that position.

The Greek-American diplomat held a business Directorship in the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation until the very last days of his life.

Sotirhos was awarded Jamaica’s highest honor, the “Order of Distinction,” with the rank of Commander, in recognition of his outstanding service and leadership during his time in the Caribbean nation.