Greek Artist Demetrius Manouselis to Display Works in New York

The new arts venue ”Mosaic ArtSpace” announced its inaugural exhibition featuring the works of Demetrius Manouselis, which will take place between May 4th to June 2nd at Long Island City, New York.

The exhibition is a survey of recent works by the Greek painter which continue his pursuit of abstract geometric aesthetics.

The exhibition will also feature several small works by Manouselis with varied media dating from the last decade, as well as recently-completed steel sculptures.

An exhibition catalog will be available at the time of the opening and reception.

”My paintings are of a modernist minimalist aesthetic that explore the possibilities of linear composition with an expressionist affect. The subject matter is linear geometric spatial compositions that are self-referential. There is no thematic narrative, particular theme or subject,” Manouselis has said.

“Mosaic ArtSpace” is a multi-disciplinary art venue which aspires to showcase and promote various artistic endeavors with outreaches to painters, sculptors, musicians, video creators, performance artists and installation artists.

The Artspace hosts the artwork of local artists as well as artists from the New York City metropolitan area and other cities.

Demetrius Manouselis is a 64-year old painter originally from Crete, Greece. He now lives and works in New York City. He has a Bachelor of Design from Queensborough Community College, N.Y. and a Bachelor from the Pratt Institute, also in New York.

Manouselis is also a licensed architect in New York state. He has been exhibiting his works of art for more than thirty years.