Greek American Congressman Bilirakis Earns Highest Legislative Effectiveness Score

US Representative (R) Gus Bilirakis of Florida. File photo 

Greek American Republican Congressman Gus Bilirakis earned the highest ”Legislative Effectiveness Score” of any lawmaker from Florida earlier this month, according to the Center for Effective Lawmaking.

The Center measures the legislative advancement of bills; an average effectiveness score for lawmakers is set at 1.000. Bilirakis, a seven-time Florida representative, scored an impressive 2.181 points.

The study measures the lawmakers from the Republican Party separately from those in the Democratic caucus. Billirakis ranked 39th in effectiveness of all Republican lawmakers.

Some of the bills which were successfully introduced and pushed through by Bilirakis over the last term were the ”Lower Drug Costs Through Competition Act”, the ”Community CARE Act” and the ”CHIP Buy-In Program.”

Speaking with local media in Florida, Bilirakis stated that ”my constituents expect me to get things done, which is why I stay focused and just work hard each and every day on their behalf.”

The Greek-American lawmaker, who is now serving his seventh term, added that ”it is one of the most important lessons my father taught me, and it is how I will continue to approach my job – because it works.”

Bilirakis is a 56-year old politician born in Gainesville, Florida, who grew up in the Greek-American city of Tarpon Springs. He is the grandson of Greek immigrants and is the son of Evelyn Miaoulis and Michael Bilirakis. His father represented Florida as a congressman for 24 consecutive years.