President Trump to Honor Greek Independence at The White House on March 18

Donald Trump during 2017’s Greek Independence Day event. File photo

United States President Donald Trump will host an event at the White House on Monday, March 18, 2019 to honor the men and women who fought for Greece’s independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Many Greeks, Greek Americans and Americans are expected to attend the ceremony at the White House this year, continuing the tradition which began in 1987, during the administration of President Ronald Reagan.

During his speech on the occasion last year, while standing beside Greek-Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios, Trump said that the tradition of the White House hosting Greek Independence Day celebrations was one which would continue for many more years. He then added that ”I’ll be here for another seven!”

A Presidential proclamation has also been issued since 1987 in order to celebrate the significance of the day, while Greek Independence Day parades are held in major American cities, such as New York, Chicago and Boston.

This year’s invitation to Greek Independence Day festivities at the White House.