Washington Warns Ankara of ''Grave Consequences'' If Turkey Buys Russian Missiles

S-400 Missiles. Photo by Wikipedia

Charles Summers, the acting Chief Spokesman of Pentagon warned Turkey on Friday that ”there will be grave consequences” if Ankara buys the Russian missile-system named S-400.

For the first time, an American official warned Turkey that if the country goes ahead with the purchase, the US will not allow F-35 fighter jets and Patriot missiles to be bought by Ankara.

A number of members of the American Congress are concerned about the deterioration of the relationship between Ankara and Washington over the last few years, along with President Erdogan’s close ties with Moscow.

Earlier this week, General Curtis Scaparrotti, who is the American NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, said in front of Congressmen and Congresswoman that if Turkey eventually buys the Russian missile-system, he would suggest that the US blocks the purchase of F-35 jets by Ankara.

F-35 fighter jets are fifth-generation combat air crafts, which are designed to perform ground-attacks and air-superiority missions.