Athens’ Benaki Museum Team to Speak at Harvard

The National Hellenic Society is organizing an event in which representatives of the prestigious Benaki Museum in Athens will discuss the past and future of the museum and its astonishing collections.

The event will take place at the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019.

Since its opening in Athens in April of 1931, the Benaki Museum has emerged as one of the most innovative cultural institutions in Europe. Just as importantly, it has stood ever since then as a cultural beacon for the Greek diaspora, to which its founder, Antonis Benakis, belonged.

The Museum’s extensive collections of Greek and world art are constantly being expanded, and since the 1990s they have been re-housed in a network of ten buildings around Athens and its environs.

The Benaki Museum team will speak about its range of educational activities and collections which are open to the public, and will explain how the Museum braved the recent years of the Greek financial crisis through rational management and visionary approaches.

The museum representatives will also discuss the not-to-be-missed 2021 exhibition which is being created to celebrate the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution.