US Ambassador to Greece Says Greek-American Cooperation Closer Than Ever

United States Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt. File photo

Geoffrey Pyatt, the American Ambassador to Greece, noted on Tuesday evening that cooperation between the United States and Greece has never been as close as it is today. Pyatt was speaking at an event organized by the Greek Institute of European and Foreign Policy on the subject of Greece’s geopolitical value and Greek-American relations.

“Deepening the US-Greece bilateral relationship is an issue above partisan politics,” Pyatt said. He added that ”the key to this happy state of affairs is our converging security interests, our shared values and our shared goals on regional security, stability and prosperity.”

During his speech, the American ambassador noted that “the “Strategic Dialogue” elevated and institutionalized our relationship in a manner consistent with how many of the Embassy’s long-time friends have viewed the USA-Greece alliance.”

Pyatt recalled the recent statement made by the American Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who said in December, ”The US is looking to strengthen our relationship with stable democracies and allies in the region, allies like Greece, Cyprus and Israel.”

Later, Ambassador Pyatt referred to the broad spectrum of cooperation between Greece and the US, such as investment, trade, defense and security, education and culture. He noted that “I am excited about the momentum building in the USA-Greece relationship, and I am delighted that there is a growing constituency in Washington that now understands and appreciates Greece’s critical regional role.”

Pyatt is a 56-year old Californian who served as the US Ambassador to Ukraine before being transferred to Greece in 2016.

With information from A.M.N.A.