Meet the Greek-American Who "Paints" With Sunlight

Michael Papadakis using sunlight to create his artwork. Photo by

Michael Papadakis is a Greek-American living in the US state of Colorado who is becoming known as a master of the art of “heliography.”

Heliography is a photographic process originally invented by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in the early 1820s. It employs the tremendous power of the sun’s rays to create chemical changes on the specially-coated surface of various media.

Papadakis first became aware of this rare but spectacular form of art after a trip he took to Asia.

After observing the technique, Papadakis decided to take it up himself and now, he is one of the best heliographers in the world.

He utilizes large wooden blocks to create logos and signs as well as landscapes, faces and even entire portraits.

His work has gone viral on social media, with thousands of people following the creation of his latest pieces of art.

Papadakis has taken part in quite a few American television shows as well, amazing audiences with his talent, tenacity and creativity.