The Greek Freak Has a New Nickname — Superman

Giannis Antetokounmpo, file photo

Giannis Antetokounmpo is known as the “Greek Freak” to all and is famous for his superpowers out on the basket ball court. Averaging 27.3 points and 12.9 rebounds per game for the first-place Milwaukee Bucks, this Greek god has recently been given a new nickname by none other than the legendary Shaquille O’Neal.. it’s “Superman”.

That’s right, Shaquille is giving up his title of Superman and bestowing it on the Greek Freak.

“I’ve never given my name up before, but I’m giving it to him. He’s the new Superman. I didn’t hit no 3-pointer either, but he’s dominating and that’s what I like. He’s dominating in the paint. You taking it to the hole. You throwing it down. You ain’t shooting no flip shots.

“And you know what? I don’t want to encourage big guys to shoot jumpers and 3-pointers. Stay your big ass on the inside and dominate like you been doing. So I denounce myself as Superman and I’m giving to the ‘Greek Freak.’ You heard it here first,” he said on ESPN Radio’s The Stephen A. Smith Show.

However, the nickname Greek Freak doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, as Antetokounmpo is a proud Greek, promoting the country for tourism and talking about it whenever he gets the chance.

Now, it seems that he will be forever known by two nicknames referring to his supernatural powers on the court.