Greek-American Sisters Promote Greece to the World Through Magazine

Vasiliki Mitrakos and Anthe Mitrakos, founders and editors of Portes magazine

In 2011, sisters Anthe and Vasiliki Mitrakos founded a cultural foundation that grants merit scholarships to students of Hellenic descent studying in the US. Their love for Greece, culture, the arts and media would lead them also to create the first-ever magazine of its kind, Portes Magazine – a publication sharing Greece’s rich culture with an international audience.

The Chicago-born Greek-Americans grew up visiting Greece in the summertime, something that fueled their dream of creating a magazine that would itself be “a piece of Greece.”

“We wanted to bring back an authentic piece of Greece to the US, one that transcends beyond the typical stereotypes,” Anthe said. “We decided to name the publication ‘Portes’ to reflect how its contents ‘open doors’ to the world of Greece.”

The sisters’ passion for their heritage was finally fulfilled when Portes Magazine came to life in 2012, and relaunched with a brand new look this summer. The magazine celebrates Greece, highlighting intriguing and inspirational people, places and ideas through a collection of curated feature stories about culture, ecology, cuisine, destinations, the arts, philanthropy, and more.

Portes Magazine

“When I visit Greece, I enjoy spending time with visitors and locals alike, listening to their stories, learning from them…and of course wandering around to photograph the very details that make Greece so charming,” Anthe explained.

“The time I spend in Greece has influenced the now more sophisticated, fun Portes Magazine,” Anthe explained to Greek Reporter. “Greece possesses a mysterious allure. There is something about this country that draws you to it, like magic,” she said. “That allure and magic is what we seek to capture and share with our readers.”

The magazine relaunched on August 1st on with a fresh, new aesthetic paying tribute to the design elements of “classical Greece and the modern minimalist Athens,” Anthe explained.

The new Portes Magazine, which is expected to debut in print in 2019, explores interesting angles and perspectives into authentic Greek culture and life according to Anthe.

The magazine hosts contributing writers, artists and photographers who “all share a craze for Greece. That’s our common denominator,” Anthe said.

Those interested may subscribe to Portes Magazine with a donation.