Students, Teachers at MIT Copycat Constantinos Daskalakis (Photos)

MIT student wearing a wig to look like Daskalakis

Students and teaching staff at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) honored Constantinos Daskalakis for winning a prestigious international award in mathematics by trying to look like him wearing wigs.

The hilarious prank on the Greek professor was made on the sidelines of a party to celebrate Costis Daskalakis winning the 2018 Nevanlinna Prize last month.

Announced at the International Conference of Mathematicians in Brazil, the prize is awarded every four years (alongside the Fields Medal) to a scientist under 40 who has made major contributions to the mathematical aspects of computer science.

Daskalakis was honored by the International Mathematical Union (IMU) for “transforming our understanding of the computational complexity of fundamental problems in markets, auctions, equilibria, and other economic structures.” The award comes with a monetary prize of 10,000 euros.