Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary by Donating to 20 Hellenic Nonprofit Organizations

One of the most popular Greek websites written in English, decided that instead of celebrating their 20th anniversary with an expensive party to donate money and support 20 different non-profit Greek-American organizations.

Owners Nick Stamoulis and Tanya Stamoulis hand-picked and selected the beneficiary organizations based on their impact on promoting Hellenism.

The organizations selected are:

National Hellenic Society, The Hellenic Initiative, Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of New England, AHEPA, Alpha Omega Council, The Greek Institute, Daughters of Penelope, American Hellenic Institute, Hellenic American Academy of Lowell MA, Greek America Foundation, Boston Lykeion Ellinidon, National Hellenic Museum, The Hellenic Women’s Club, Hellenic Cultural Society of San Diego, Elios Charitable Foundation, Hellenic Foundation Chicago, PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, Hellenic Relief Foundation, Greek Children’s Fund and National Hellenic Student Association.

In a statement Nick Stamoulis says, “We are very excited to celebrate this major milestone of 20 years online and contribute to 20 amazing Greek organizations that support Hellenic culture as much as we do. We look forward to another twenty years of success and growth, so that future generations can learn about and admire Greek culture!”

Nick and Tanya Stamoulis acquired through their Internet marketing company, Brick Marketing, in 2014. Since that time, they have made extensive changes to the website geared towards a large audience who want to learn and appreciate Hellenic culture.