Joe Biden Remembers Ouzo Night with John McCain in Greece (video)

At a Phoenix memorial service on Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden talked about his friendship with the late Senator John McCain and remembered a trip in Greece. The two had a longtime friendship, despite Biden being a Democrat and McCain, a Republican.

“But, I found that it wasn’t too long into John’s duties that Jill and I got married. Jill is here with me today. Five years, I had been a single dad and no man deserves one great love, let alone two. And I met Jill. It changed my life. She fell in love with him and he with her. He’d always call her, as Lindsey would travel with her, Jilly. Matter of fact, when they got bored being with me on these trips, I remember in Greece, he said, ‘Why don’t I take Jill for dinner?’ Later, I would learn they are at a cafe at the port and he has her dancing on top of a cement table drinking ouzo. Not a joke. Jilly. Right, Jilly?” Mr. Biden said.

Reference to ouzo night at around 5’40” in the video