Greek American Wonder Kid Finishes College at 11, Challenges Stephen Hawking (video)

William (Vasilis) Mailis graduated from high school in May 2016 at the age of 9, last week from Saint Petersburg College in Florida and now preparing to continue his studies at the University of South Florida.

At only 11, his many achievements so far include that he has proven Stephen Hawking was wrong in saying that the universe could be created “of the nothing, by spontaneous generation”.

His father, Peter Maillis, a Greek Orthodox priest in the Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene
Greek Orthodox Church in Palm Harbor, Florida, claims that his son is especially brilliant because of God since both he and his wife have an average IQ and William is defiantly not average. William began to show his talent from an early age.

The Maillis family roots are from Kalymnos, Greece. They are very religious and believe that William’s genius comes from his faith in the Lord. Young Maillis started talking and forming full sentences when he was seven months old, learned addition and subtraction at two, at three he knew the alphabet in three languages, at four his older brother was teaching him algebra and when he was five years old he read a 209-page geometry book one night and woke up the next day solving complicated equations.

(William with his parents)

“He made everything look like a toy,” his father said. Peter Maillis claims that when William was four years old he was solving mathematics equations and at the same he explained the absence of life on Mars.

William’s father recalled a conversation with a History Professor who told him that his son had beaten all his fellow students in a debate about the 20th century event that had the greatest impact on humanity. The Greek American boy replied that it was World War I. He explained the domino phenomenon that was triggered by that war: the Great Depression in the U.S., the rise of racism and fascism in Europe, World War II, the Cold War.

William’s greatest interest is space. In August, the 11-year-old will start studying Physics so he can later study Astrophysics that will eventually help him work at NASA. “My goal is to get my PhD before I turn 18,” he says.

As a deeply religious person, young William also wants to prove the existence of God scientifically. He says that scientifically it makes more sense that God created the universe than say that the universe created itself. He argues that it takes more faith to believe that the universe created itself than that it was created by God.