Greek American Plus-Size Model Hopes to Make Top US Pageant

Greek American plus-size model Annoula Dritsas, representing New York, is hoping to make it to the Miss Plus America Pageant to take place in Atlanta, Georgia on July 28.

Dritsas is currently in a wild card competition which will end on Friday where she hopes to get enough votes to win and make it to the Atlanta finals.

Speaking to Greek Reporter, the 33-year-old model says she always wanted to participate in pageants.

“I have participated in Greek pageants before in NY — I was Miss Sparta 2006 and Miss Lakonia 2008 — but actually participating for the state of New York at a national level was something important for me to accomplish.”

Dritsas has been modeling for eight years. She has starred in commercials, TV shows, movies, and has done fitness modeling for various plus-size brands.

She is involved in the Greek-American community and participates in organizations, such as the Intercollegiate Hellenic Society, which helps students of Greek and Cypriot descent through mentoring programs, Hellenic events, and scholarship opportunities.

“I am also a part of the Cultural Committee of the Hellenic Federation of Greater New York, and an active member of my church at the Ascension Greek Orthodox Church in Fairview, NJ,” she says.

Dritsas, whose parents are from villages near Sparti in the Peloponnese, notes that the Greek-American community has been supportive “being one of the few Greek-American women to ever partake in the Miss Plus America Pageant and the first one from New York”.

She says that she visited Greece very often when she was younger. “From the ages of 15-25, my family and I would stay for about six weeks”.

Dritsas take great pride of her Greek roots.

“What I am most proud is the fact that I am a very passionate and strong person; these were ideals that my parents instilled in me.

“They taught us to be goal-oriented and hard-working. I see what my parents have sacrificed to provide for my brother and I growing up and that has stayed with me!

“Being Greek is knowing that we have so much history, art, and culture that can be found in daily life, no matter where we live.”

You can vote for Annoula Dritsas through here.