Bostonites ‘Pitch In’ to Remember Baseball’s ‘Golden Greek’

The Greeks of Boston came together this week to honor one of their baseball heroes at a special night of sport and culture in the city’s iconic Fenway Park stadium.

The 2018 Boston Red Sox Heritage Night saw the Greek Ambassador Haris Lalacos pitch a pre-match ball at the game between the legendary Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels.

George D. Behrakis (3rd left) at the Boston Red Sox Greek Heritage Night

Also attending was prominent Greek-American philanthropist George D. Behrakis, who joined thousands of Greeks, young and old, in remembering the career of Harry Agganis, the ‘Golden Greek’.

Agganis was born in Massachusetts to Greek immigrant parents in 1929. He first excelled in college football before returning to play baseball near his home. However, his career with the Red Sox was tragically cut short by a fatal illness in 1955.

A memorial and tribute to the fallen Agganis was unveiled at the ground and proceeds from the pre-match event will go to the Metropolis of Boston camp hosted by the Alpha Omega Council.