Chicago Greek Puts a Modern Twist on Traditional Greek Dishes

Chicago is known for its food and one place that every person visiting the windy city is sure to check out is Greek Town. However, there are Greeks throughout Chicago and the greater Chicago area who all share two things in common – their passion for being Greek and Greek food.

One restaurant in Lincoln Park, Avli Taverna, is ready to push the limits of what you thought you knew about the most traditional Greek dishes which we all love. “Greek food in the Midwest is still your classic home-style meal…That’s fabulous, but I also think, as we’ve seen in many other cuisines, it’s nice to elevate the food a bit,” Chef Louie Alexakis of Avli Taverna told Chicago Magazine in a recent interview.

Putting new twists on favorite dishes and introducing his patrons to unknown Greek dishes from different regions of Greece that are not on your typical Greek restaurant menu in the USA are all parts of his plans for his new restaurant.

“All the wonderful Greek restaurants in Chicago were created by people from the same parts of Greece,” he further explained to Chicago Magazine. “They serve braised lamb, stuffed tomatoes. I like seeing dishes from other places.”

Photo Credit: David Tsirekas

Chicago is known for fanatical foodies and Chef Louie Alexakis’ visions of “elevating” traditional Greek dishes is sure to catch on.

The restaurant in set to open its doors this summer and with clean lines, natural textiles and a non-gimmicky interior – the classy interior design is set to match the Greek menu.

Guests can expect twists on their favorite dishes. Even baklava is getting an update at Avli Taverna. That’s right, you will be served up your favorite Greek desert with an addition of cinnamon ice cream and caramel. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better.