Flaming Greek Saganaki Dish Hilariously Sets Off Sprinklers at Baltimore Restaurant

Saganaki cheese is a mouth-watering Greek dish and the staff at the Cava Mezze restaurant in Baltimore wanted to surprise the work party that was in session on April 17.

At the end of the meal, they told the party that they had a ‘special surprise’ for them, according to the Daily Mail. The surprise was one of the restaurant’s specialty: the flaming saganaki dish.

As the staff came out of the kitchen carrying plates of the Greek cheese dish saganaki, the ‘special surprise’ turned out to be more than the saganaki.

The flames of the saganaki plates activated the heat detectors on the ceiling, setting off the water sprinklers spraying gallons of water on customers and employees alike.

Saganaki cheese is either a fried hard yellow Greek cheese. Some restaurants make it using haloumi cheese and use Ouzo for the fire trick, in this case gone wrong.

The hilarious event was captured on video by customer James Hughes: