Greek Shipping Dynasty Gripped by Property Row

Pierre Hotel, Fifth Avenue, New York

A multi-million dollar apartment in New York; which once belonged to Greek shipping tycoon Michael Kulukundis, is at the center of a high-profile row.

The New York Post is reporting that Kulukundis’ widow, Tara Tyson Kulukundis, is refusing to agree the sale of the property in the Pierre Hotel, located on Manhattan’s exclusive Fifth Avenue.

It is understood that executors of the late Kulukundis’ estate have been trying to complete a 2016 deal with a buyer for $9.8 million.

However, Tara Kulukundis says she did not agree to the sale.

The executors have reportedly accused her of trying to sabotage the sale, and asked a judge to force her to leave so they could complete the transaction.

In 2013, Tara Kulukundis also refused to leave the family home which was to be sold to cover bills left by the late Greek-born tycoon, who died in 1988, aged 89. In the end, a court order was required for her to vacate the premises.

Another family row, this time involving her son Manuel, was reported in 2016. Manuel Kulukundis sued his mother to stop her selling expensive artworks which he said belonged to his grandfather and a family trust. However, Tara Kulukundis in turn claimed the artworks had been a gift from her late husband.