Must Sanction Turkey, Says Prominent Congressman

Gus Bilirakis

Prominent Greek Americans have spoken of their concern at Turkish provocations in the Aegean Sea and around Cyprus.

Speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony hosted by President Donald Trump for Greek Independence Day, Republican Congressman Gus Bilirakis said the administration needed to focus more on Turkish activities:

“We have to focus on helping Greece even more. Greece has been an outstanding ally for the U.S.”

He stressed that “what’s good for Greece, it’s good for the United States, and what’s good for the United States it’s good for Greece”.

Bilirakis also revealed that he is preparing a new legislative initiative which would formally condemn Turkish actions in the region.

“We need to sanction Turkey. Congressmen in very important positions see what an important ally Greece is and agree with this [this initiative].”

Bilirakis acknowledged that Greeks are “living in fear.”

“The Dodecanese, where my grandparents came from, are at risk,” he added.

Christos Marafatsos (R), founder and president of Blue Sky Capital

Christos Marafatsos, an advisor to Trump’s campaign, said that the current U.S. administration has shown consistent support for Greece.

“Greece needs somebody who is powerful and strong and that is what President Trump is. A president that will stand up and fight for America’s allies,” he said to the Greek Reporter.

Marafatsos, the Vice Chairman of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, said the U.S. naval fleet that sailed this month to Cyprus demonstrated an American commitment to the security and drilling rights of the island.

“This is a testament [to] what President Τrump is doing for Cyprus and Greece,” he added.

He urged the Greek-American community to come together to show Trump how much Greece and Cyprus can offer.

“One of the best opportunities for investment is Greece as it’s coming out of the crisis. It has so much to offer,” said Marafatsos, who is also the founder and president of Blue Sky Capital.

His fund has already invested in Greece and he says that many Greek Americans have, or are planning to do, likewise.